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Bisworks ICT Solutions

Design, built & maintain your IT environment and infrastructure
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IT & WEM Consultancy

We can build, optimize and automate your business processes, including necessary software. Or we can train you to do it yourself.

Managed Services

Design, create and maintain complete Managed IT solutions for your business; from single page website to complete managed IT infrastructure for your business.

We take care of IT

Bisworks can advise you how to build and optimize your ICT infrastructure, outsource it or maintain it yourself.

IT Consultancy

Nowadays building an IT Infrastructure isn’t hard, but to be aware of the (core) processes in your business and optimize and automate them is a challenge. Is it always clear what a specific proces should do or deliver? Is the end product still the same as three years ago? And, and important part, how will your employees react on all the coming changes?

WEM Consultancy

Companies often outsource the maintenance of their software and often use third parties to buy software which can assist in several processes, like: maintaining hours, administration, CRM and invoices. Would you be interested in maintaining these processes and software within your own company? Can it be much more cost-effective? What if you can safe (a lot) of costs on building your own software, with only the functionality you need and easily maintain your software in a very easy way?

IT & WEM Consultancy

WEM can show you how to create your own business applications and maintain them easily.

Managed Services

Bisworks can consult and advise, build, monitor and maintain complete IT (Voice and Data) infrastructures. We keep track of innovations and translate them to complete infrastructures which fit best to your wishes and demands. Managed Services from Bisworks will take care of IT, report about it and will keep your complete infrastructure running.

A combination of services is possible; from small managed solutions to complete infrastructure maintenance, monitoring, support desk and (management) reports for all roles in your business. Let us know what you need and we will take care of it.

Managed Services

Design, create and maintain complete Managed IT solutions for your business.

We are taking care of IT

We really take care of it! We focus on it-driven employees and third parties, who are motivated and passionate about building and maintaining innovating stuff. We like to help any company to keep on course and optimize their business. Service and quality are the two most important building blocks of our business to get the best results.

With a small network of third parties, Bisworks can take care of all your IT.

We take care of IT

You decide what services you like to outsource; we will take care of IT.


Bisworks ICT Solutions

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About Bisworks

Bisworks Internet Services started in 2005 as a small hosting and domain company. The company became expert in finding a way to solve ICT issues for small and medium-sized companies. In 2013 is was time to sell the hosting and domain activities to a close supplier of Bisworks: MyH2oServers.

From 2008 Bisworks was already started to focus more on becoming a reliable full service business partner and fullfill the consultancy role in creating clear, functional, cost-worthy and automated processes and IT solutions. That’s the core business of Bisworks ICT Solutions today.

Most of all, Bisworks wants to build on a good relationship with all customers. Bisworks is constantly focusing on your business, your IT problems, for now and in the future and your overall buisiness goals. Our job is to translate them to the best possible solution for your business.

We are working with a small network of prefert ICT professionals and partners to take care of IT. By doing so Bisworks is able to built on professional and innovating ICT solutions.